About the Group



The function of the Original Plantation Leads Group is to network and refer business to its members.

The Original Leads group is located in Plantation, Florida and operates not only to provide leads as a group, but also a professional networking organization. The group is industry specific meaning, we limit the number of the same kind of business to one, e.g. (1 bank, 1 mortgage broker, etc.).

Our Networking Group meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month, usually at the Chamber Office. There are times when we do meet at a member’s office or location. These “field trips” are very informative.

We learn about the people & the businesses in the Group through their commitment to professional networking & to their participation.

Each member gives a detailed self introduction, letting us know about their business & potential clients. At each meeting there is a ‘Spotlight’ where the person has fifteen minutes to give a more in depth overview of their business & ideal clients.

We share our referral experiences so that when we refer business to a member, we know that it will be done with comfort & confidence.